Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meeting Notice


a ministry of First Christian Church

6750 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85013

June 7, 2011

Early Bird Session: 3:00 Fellowship 3:30 – Mystery Clue, Sew’nTell, and Who Knows?

Evening Song Bird Session: 6:30 Fellowship 7:00 – Mystery Clue, Sew’nTell, and Who Knows?


Well, wE are into the 6th month of 2011. It has been a fun year so far and we look forward to much more. For those of you who didn’t make the “Slumber Party”….you really should try to make the next one. “A LOT OF FUN and GIGGLES” to go around. On June 7th we will have our next “Mystery Clue” do some “Sew’nTell”, and “Who Know What Else?”

“REMINDER:” All exchange blocks for the retrEat are “DUE” 6/7/11. TuRn them in, Please. AnothEr “REMINDER:” June 21 is our combined meeting and pool patch blocks are due that night.

A special thanks to those who worked hard on Blessings Day. Your efforTs are so much appreciated. Our next BlessIngs Day is: June 18th. Plan to be there….this will be an ‘all day’ affair. There are maNy tasks to complete.

Dates to Remember: 6/14 Combined Meeting and 6/18 Blessings Day

‘The magic number for the block scramble is 8 and the first letter is: P

 If you have read this meeting notice on the blog, please print it off, bring it to the meeting and receive $50,000 in Quilter's Cash.  Thanks.